Turning Milling Composite Lathe Machine
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Turning Milling Composite Lathe Machine

The Jingfusi high quality turning milling composite lathe machine incorporates a flexible spindle holding auxiliary mechanism in its design, enhancing rigidity during part processing. The direct tool change system eliminates the need for intricate tool change programs and reduces tool change idle time, resulting in efficient processing and cost savings for users. This innovative design not only improves the overall stability of the machine during operations but also streamlines the tool change process, making the machining workflow more efficient and economically advantageous for users.


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Product Description

The Turning Milling Composite Lathe Machine from Jingfusis suppliers eamlessly incorporates turning, milling, drilling, boring, tapping, and various other functions into a single, versatile device. Capable of executing end and side milling, drilling, tapping, and composite processing, this machine is particularly well-suited for intricate shapes and demanding precision specifications. It excels in handling the comprehensive processing needs of rotary parts by completing all or most of the required operations in a single clamping. This not only ensures exceptional accuracy but also enhances efficiency, ultimately leading to cost reduction in the machining process.

Key Characteristics of Turning Milling Composite Lathe Machine:

1.Well-designed arrangement with ample internal space.

2.Incorporation of a high-precision, self-contained spindle structure and a rapid hydraulic rotary system, ensuring top-notch performance.

3.Guaranteeing the machine tool's high-speed capabilities.

4.Preventing power interruptions from causing inaccuracies in the servo motor's value.

Machine Travel Diagram

Turning Milling Composite Lathe Machine

Product Details

Turning Milling Composite Lathe Machine

Parameter List

item Model of lathe unit CK52DTY CK76DTY CK46DTY
Processing scope Maximum rotation diameter of the spindle mm Ø 700
Maximum turning outer circle length mm 520
Maximum bar diameter mm Ø 55 Ø 72 Ø 45
principal axis Maximum spindle speed r/min 4200(setting 3500) 3200(setting 2000) 6000(设定4500)
Spindle head type
A2 - 6 A2 -8 A2 - 5
Spindle through-hole diameter mm Ø 66 Ø 86 Ø 56
feed X/Z/Y axis maximum stroke mm 260/500/±60
90 ° power head passing through the center of the spindle mm 30
Maximum fast movement of X/Z/Y axis m/min 24(setting 16)/ 24(setting 16)/14(setting 8)
X/Z/Y axis screw rod mm 40
X/Z/Y axis roller track mm 35/45/35
Power turret
Power turret model (power turret) BMT BMT55
Power head collet ER ER32
Fixed tool holder size mm 25X25
Bore holder shank diameter mm Ø32
electrical machinery Main motor power/torque KW/Nm 11KW/rated 72Nm 15KW/rated 98Nm 7.5 KW/rated 47Nm
X/Z/Y axis motor power/torque KW/Nm yaskawa 2.9 KW /18.6Nm,Optional new generation3.1 KW /15Nm
Power/torque of turret power head motor KW/Nm New generation 3.1 KW/15NM
Maximum speed of turret power motor r/min 6000(setting 4000) ,Common speed≤4000
Power head motor power/torque KW/Nm 3.1 KW/15NM
Power/torque of turret tool changing motor KW/Nm New generation1.0 KW /3.1NM
Tailstock Tailstock stroke mm 520
Maximum hydraulic stroke of tailstock
mm 100
Tailstock top needle cone hole taper MK mohs 5#
Maximum distance between tip and chuck mm 690
other Spindle positioning brake device
Hydraulic, optional programmable
Bed inclination ° 30° or 15°
Machine tool length X width X height mm 2500X1680X1900
Total weight of the entire machine KG 5000KG
Total power kw 20
Average power consumption kw/h 3

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