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Our History

Foshan Jingfusi CNC Machine Tools Company Limited is a professional manufacturer of turning-milling drilling, tapping and carving combined machine tool.

To guarantee the stability of the machine tool quality, the machine body and configuration assembly adopt the unified accessories (change cutter holder power head or too turret on the cutter bed plate). the machine too has simple and reasonable structure, pay attention to the actual situation, and is used conveniently. Our factory refuses to accept any other low-grade configuration of the customer which is because the different configuration is inconvenient for making the quality inspection standards. affect the quality and service life of machine tool, and affect the after-sales service efficiency and cost.

We hope that our respected customers can make the careful and meticulous contrast and understanding of numerical control lathe configuration and you will never regret buying the numerical control lathe which is genuine at a fair price and can reach the turning effect.

Purpose of machine tool design: High-stability high-speed and high standard machine tool is the only purpose, and turning product surface has specular highlights (turning specular lighting) and cutter grain is find and smooth, reaching the state of no grain which is invisible with the naked eyes.

Our Factory

In order to ensure the stability of machine tool quality, the factory's machine body and configuration assembly are unified-accessories (only in Just replace the tool holder, power head or turret on the tool table). The machine tool has a simple and reasonable structure, pays attention to practicality and is easy to use. Our factory does not accept any other low-end configurations from customers, because the configuration
Different settings make it inconvenient to formulate quality inspection standards, which affects the quality and service life of machine tools, as well as after-sales service rates and costs.
I hope that the respected merchants will carefully compare and understand the configuration of CNC lathes, so that you can buy a CNC lathe that is genuine and can achieve turning effects, and you will never regret it. The design purpose of machine tools in our factory: high stability, high speed and high standard machine tools. The surface of turning products is high-gloss (mirror surface high-gloss can be turned). The knife pattern is fine and lubricated, tending to a pattern-less state invisible to the naked eye. The stability of the machine tool makes the tool obviously durable, which is good for the tool edge. Mouth damaged
slower. This machine tool is designed according to the principle of imported machines. It can be used by replacing some vulnerable parts and will not be easily scrapped for decades.

Certificate of Honor

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